At Pawprints the exclusive role of the concierge department is the care of your dogs. The department is comprised of pet professionals who handle all of your pets’ daily needs. Our priority is to ensure your dog’s overall health.

The process of caring for your dog begins as soon as they arrive for their stay.

  • We check paperwork is correct and understandable, and it contains accurate information to care for your pet.
  • Each dog is inspected daily “nose to tail”, and is documented for your review
  • Our department prepares meals and monitors your dog’s eating patterns
  • For guests with medications we prepare, dispense as prescribed
  • All overnight guests are put on a rest schedule, especially puppies, seniors and special needs dogs.
  • We have been known to give massages and belly rubs
Boarding Rates

Our nightly rate, which includes daycare, is $47.

We offer a 20% discount for additional pets.

Our rate covers a twenty four hour period, if the stay exceeds that, daycare rates will apply.

During holidays boarding rates increase 5%.

The Concierge department works closely with local veterinarians, so we are able to identify medical issues that may arise over your pet’s stay. If medical attention is needed we transport and stay with your pet for the duration of the veterinary appointment.

Our concierge team is dedicated to making your dog’s stay with us a fun, healthy and a pampered experience. We love being their caretakers.

Vaccination Policy

Vaccination Requirements for grooming, training, daycare and boarding:

All dogs at Pawprints must be current on Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella vaccinations. Shots must be received at least 5 days prior to their visit to Pawprints. The waiting period will allow your dog to build optimal protection which will make your dog less susceptible to catching or transferring any unwanted diseases.

This includes new and updated vaccinations. Your pet cannot be over due for vaccinations – NO EXCEPTIONS. For example, if your pet is scheduled to visit Pawprints on May 14 and received vaccinations on May 11, we cannot accept your pet due to the insufficient 5 day waiting period.

If there is a medical reason for your dog should not have any of the required vaccinations (breed contraindications, previous adverse reactions, etc) have your veterinarian provide us with a letter of explanation. We will also except titters completed in the last year.

Please fax records to the Pawprints office at (772) 567-4456 or email to

If you are considering utilizing our Daycare or Boarding facility please review our process for accepting new dogs. We require all potential daycare and boarding customers to schedule an evaluation for their pet(s).

The evaluation has several steps:

  1. New customers can contact our front desk to determine a suitable time to drop off their dog(s) for a half day of daycare.
  2. The half day visit is up to four hours of play where their dog can familiarize themselves with our facility and the staff can become acquainted with their dog’s behavior.
  3. We require proof of the following vaccinations, rabies, bordatella, parvo, distemper and lepto.
  4. The evaluation cost $35.